Peer-to-Peer Testimonials

What they had to say:

“Absolutely wonderful course! I have learned life changing skills.  I now can meet both new and ongoing challenges in my life in a much more hopeful and positive way.  I am beyond grateful for this experience.  I have met so many caring people.  This course changed my life – I can now LIVE BETTER! Thank you!”
Luanne September 2015

” I was feeling lost and alone for a long time.  It took me years to come to the point of welcoming recovery. I am now in the midst of it and thanks to NAMI’s Peer to Peer class I met People who are like me and who’s challenges differ from mine but we all come together to form a friendly, supportive group.  I have made friends who will remain in my heart forever because I want to continue to recover.”
Margaret C. September 2015

“The Peer to Peer 10 week course sponsored by NAMI is a wonderful service.  It is held in a safe environment where peers who desire to learn more about their own diagnoses  and learn how to manage their symptoms. . Everyone  receives a binder  packed with knowledgeable information which covers many topics.   The mentors who lead the class  are wonderful, open and willing to share their own life experiences.   They  manage their own symptoms  and live a secure life.  NAMI is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about mental illness for themselves, their loved ones and friends.” S.M. September 2015

” I spent 5 months in an IOP, and I received  the “therapy” side of things.  This Peer-to-Peer class has given me a whole new level of education to combine with my coping skills, which allows me to be even better at self-care, being a Mom and a wife.  I am so grateful for this class and hope to teach it one day.”
Nicole – Poughkeepsie NY September 2015

“I believe that the Peer to Peer class was a great encouragement.  It is so nice to know how much we all have in common.  The stages of recovery were defined very clearly and in a way I never heard before.  The instructors and other class participants encourage each other and no question is ever treated as silly or inconsequential.  I would recommend this class to anyone who has a mental health diagnosis that would like to learn more about themselves.”                                                     A.H. September 2015

The Peer-to-Peer class was very informative. I felt like I was among friends-people who understood my depression and inability to function at times. I was able to make sense of my different feelings and why I have had trouble connecting with people I don’t know.

Wendy, Poughkeepsie NY August 2014

 The NAMI Peer-to-Peer class helped me to recognize my agitation and allowed me to catch myself from exploding in my fits of rage sooner than I had in the past and may help me even in the future.

Katie, Poughkeepsie NY August 2014